Oil Reaches Louisiana Coastal Marshes

Is this what BP CEO Tony Hayward meant when he said “the overall environmental impact of this will be very, very modest?” Video from CBS News shows oil beginning to come ashore in the coastal marshes of Louisiana:

And it’s only the beginning. This chart from McClatchy shows what could happen now that oil is starting to reach the Gulf of Mexico’s loop current:

Oil Spill Loop Current.jpgMeanwhile, a CBS news crew was threatened with arrest for attempting to cover the story. “BP’s rules”:


  1. Shortstuff says

    This is so infuriating. Those coastal marshes are already shrinking and that’s all that protects Louisiana from more hurricane damage. The oil is smothering the oxygen, killing the wildlife, and the sea life.
    We are KILLING our oceans, and with them, the planet.
    What does “very, very modest” mean in Mr. Hayward’s dictionary??? BP needs to get off its butt and get this fixed and if it means calling in other companies and getting every damn expert involved, then they need to DO IT.
    Enough is enough of their lameass bullshit.

  2. carguy says

    I never really liked the British. Oh, I’m fond of James Bond, the Beatles, Jerry and the Pacemakers, Eric Clapton and Diana Rigg. On occassion that actress Hurley, what’s her first name? Oh, Michael Caine too. I don’t “like” Kate Winslett personally, I think she’s a bitch. But I’d love to sleep with her.
    I sorta worked for BP for about 9 months. Bunch of arrogant bastards. Frankly, I’m not surprised by their attitude. If they hadn’t dragged their lazy limey asses at NOrmandy on D-Day, the war would have been over 6 months earlier.
    Ohhhh, David Niven, I loved David Niven.

  3. MT4 says

    Maybe someone can help me out here ? Where the fuck does BP get off dictating who can or can’t visit the areas that have been devastated by their screw up ? These are either state or federal lands and waterways if I’m not mistaken, why the hell is a company based in the U.K. even allowed to “make rules” of any sort. Maybe I’m missing something, but this strikes me as complete bullshit.

  4. carguy says

    Make room for me in your boat.
    I think Obama needs to have a talk with the Coast Guard too.
    As a rule, I never trust a guy named “Tony”. Hey, with friends like these…….???

  5. carguy says

    IF IN FACT this leak is 40,000 barrels/day instead of 200,000 gallons/day, aren’t we talking a pretty big fib???

  6. FantasyLand says

    BP now has the right to arrest people? Wow, I knew corporations got allot of back scratching under the Bush administration, but now they can arrest people?
    As if the dead zones weren’t bad enough for the Gulf Coast, here comes millions of gallons of oil to finish off our Gulf Coast eco-system. We can call it an eco-system right? The CONservatives haven’t thrown the presence of organisms living in the wild into question yet, have they?

  7. Anna says

    BP needs to be removed from the scene of their crime.
    What started as a tragic accident is now a huge environmental crisis.
    We need competent scientists, engineers, and local specialists in charge of stopping the gush of oil, determining the extent of the damage, and directing the “clean up.”
    We know that it is impossible to truly clean up the damage caused by this oil gusher.
    Why are the EPA, NOAA, the Coast Guard, and MMS coddling and assisting BP in covering up the truth of the situation?
    That a branch of our military is taking orders from BP is downright scary under any circumstances.
    I don’t understand why BP is allowed to control and hide evidence at the scene of their crime in US waters, assisted the US federal government!

  8. carguy says

    My dear, you are 100% correct. I think it is about tme we get about 8,000 miles of “Crime Scene Tape” and stretch it out and around some buoys.
    I am like you, I’ve been patient, but I’m getting pretty miffed. If they start cutting into my supply of grilled shrimp at Red Lobster there’ll be hell to pay.

  9. Desperado says

    The entire situation has been a giant cluster**** by every government agency involved. Just yesterday, the EPA told BP they have to use a “less toxic” dispersant. After 600,000 gallons have already been dumped in the water.
    The fishermen hired by BP to help with the cleanup are getting sick from exposure to the chemicals in the air, but BP won’t give them protective gear. Where the hell is OSHA?

  10. Shortstuff says

    That cockroach COO of BP was on GMA (still following?) this morning, STILL insisting – even though he’s been proven wrong – that the chemical dispersement they are using is “safe” and “approved by the EPA”. Even after being told that, no, it’s highly toxic to wildlife and humans, this asshole still continues to say that it was approved and is widely used worldwide. WTF? What planet are these morons living on?
    I’m damned sick of their crawfishing and their lies and excuses. And now they’re threatening pwople with arrest? Where the hell do they get off with that shit?
    They need to get in there and FIX IT!
    NOW! This has been dragging on for a month while they’ve pussyfooted around and tried to cover their asses.

  11. Desperado says

    “The dispersant is safe.”
    Translation: “I don’t live on the Gulf Coast so I don’t really give a shit.”

  12. Oilacct says

    The proper response from the reporters should have been “Well, then I guess you will just have to arrest us then”, followed by putting the boat in gear and starting to film.
    I am starting to lean towards removing BP as operator of all their properties in the Gulf.
    I also have to believe that some of BP’s issues stem from the incredibly stupid way they treated Amoco employees during the merger. I’ve never met anyone who was an Amoco employee who had good things to say about the merger.

  13. Weewilly says

    Any other company with this kind of screw up would be charged globally with crimes against humanity crimes against wildlife. Its time to arrest the entire executive of BP Global, Take over all assets of BP Global and Let peolpe who can do the job finish this now using the obviously endless assets of BP. How long are we to wait for BP to destroy all of the caribean and Atlantic waterways. Enough is Enough

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