Memorial Day Poems

John Lundberg published a nice compilation of Memorial Day poems here today and I thought I’d share a couple that touched me as we remember those that gave their lives for our rights to daily argue political philosophy. Murder–So Foul I shot a man yesterdayAnd much to my surprise,The strangest thing happened to meI began […]

The LMRP Cap is Next Step

Saturday, BP announced what TDH had concluded hours before, that the top kill was a failure.  It failed because they simply couldn’t build up enough back pressure in the BOP (blowout preventer) to force sufficient mud into the well to kill the flow.  Clearly, the partially closed rams in the BOP, and the crimped riser […]

Just What is President Obama Supposed To Do About the Gusher in the Gulf?

This is what President Obama’s critics have been reduced to-George Will yesterday on This Week saying the president is “being unfairly blamed” for his response to the Deepwater Horizon fiasco, but on the other hand “it sort of serves him right.” From Media Matters: I used to have some degree of respect for George Will. […]

UPDATED: Top Kill Likely a Failure (IS A FAILURE)

UPDATED 6:00 pm, May 29:  It’s become obvious from BP’s doublespeak and moving of the goalposts that the top kill hasn’t worked.  I’m beginning to hear exactly that; that BP knows the top kill has failed, but that they are continuing to pump mud out on the ocean floor rather than admit it.  Typically, you […]


Something to look forward to if Republicans re-gain control of the House in November–impeachment. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) and the right-wing noise machine are revving up impeachment chatter over the allegations of Joe Sestak being offered an unpaid advisory position to stay out of the senatorial primary in Pennsylvania. Issa: “It’s very clear that allegation […]

Airing of Grievances

It’s a little too early to celebrate Festivus, but I feel the need for some pre-Memorial Day airing of grievances. As Frank Costanza said, “I got a lot of problems with you people.” Well, maybe not YOU people, unless you’re guilty of one of the following offenses, but people in general. Here goes: 1. Put […]

Bob’s Opinion Piece in the Houston Chronicle Today

The Houston Chronicle printed my opinion piece this morning, where I talk about the BP blowout and next steps we should take before lifting the 6 month moratorium on deepwater drilling.  The editors took some license with my narrative, changing the order of some events, but left my recommendations intact.  I appreciate the Chronicle printing […]