UPDATE: What the Hell, Arizona? Now They Ban Ethnic Studies?!

When did Arizona completely lose it’s ever-loving mind? We haven’t discussed the controversial immigration bill yet, but I’m sure everyone is well aware that recently, Arizona passed a law requiring state police to stop any person who looks illegal and require them to show proof that they are U.S. Citizens.   We’ve seen some supporters of […]

Breaking: White House Shuts Down New Area Drilling

David Axelrod is on ABC’s Good Morning America right now, announcing that the President is ordering no drilling in “new areas” until they know what caused the BP Mississippi Canyon Block 252 blowout.  In making the announcement, Axelrod said, “No additional drilling has been authorized and none will until we find out what happened here […]

Disaster: Oil Coming Ashore Tomorrow in Louisiana

Louisiana’s biggest enemy this weekend?  10 to 15 knot winds out of the southeast, pushing thousands of barrels of oil into sensitive and already threatened wetlands of the Mississippi Delta.  The blowout, fire, and rig sinking in the Gulf, bad enough on their own, has developed into the oil industry’s, and indeed, the United States’, […]

What were we talking about again?

If you will forgive me my indulgences, I want to talk to you about the complications I have had in my brief career of writing books. Every writer great and small has dreams of making the NYT best-sellers list. Those dreams are fainting dreams that become a realistic dream of making a few bucks. I just […]

Three Minutes Lost

My oldest son shared a link to a YouTube video with me last recently. He found it amusing and posted it on my Facebook page. As it turns out, it wasn’t a unique video. As I watched it, it became apparent that videos like it are all-too-prevalent on the web and in the media. It […]

Matt Taibbi on Goldman and Palin

I love Matt Taibbi (in a manly sort of way, of course) and he has written 2 more great pieces recently, one in the Guardian about Goldman Sachs and one at True/Slant about Sarah Palin. Both are worth reading in their entirety, but here are a couple of excerpts. First from the Guardian: “So Goldman […]

BP Blowout Update

Not much new information since my last update, but I found a good video that demonstrates the importance of the BOP systems for deepwater drilling and basics for how they work.  Older technology uses an umbilical that runs from the rig floor to the sea floor to control the BOP.  New technology, shown in this […]

UPDATED: Efforts to Shut In BP Well Continue

Update: I have been following the massive effort to contain spilled oil and get the well, located in Mississippi Canyon Block 252, shut in to stop the flow.  A joint effort of the Coast Guard, the Minerals Management Service, NOAA, Department of Homeland Security, BP and Transocean has been formed to coordinate response the the […]