Tales from Oklahoma

It has been almost a week since I wrote last and I have a pretty good excuse. A relative of my wife’s passed away over the weekend. I wasn’t going to bring my computer and my Iphone ended up going on the fritz on the way back home. My customer service experience with Apple will […]

UPDATE: Father of Fallen Soldier Ordered to Pay Fred Phelps’ Legal Fees

We’re all familiar with the shenanigans of Westboro Baptist Church.  From protesting outside soldier’s funerals holding signs that say “Thank God for Dead Soldiers” to protesting outside the Obama children’s private school to running a disgusting website that I won’t link you to because I like you too much, this guy is the very definition […]

Too Big To Fail is Too Big—Break ‘Em Up

The chorus of those calling for breaking up the big banks is growing larger and louder by the day. Senator Ted Kaufman (D-DE) in a speech on the floor of the Senate last Friday: “These mega-banks are too big to manage, too big to regulate, too big to fail and too interconnected to resolve when […]

Confederate Southern Americans Unite!

My fellow native Texans and fellow southerners, are you tired of being harassed, discriminated against, maligned, ridiculed, and otherwise mistreated because of your southern ancestry? Are you tired of being told, “you talk funny?” Ever had those Yankee carpetbaggers in your neighborhood shake their heads when you proudly fly the Stars and Bars on Jefferson […]

The Genesis of the Sleaze

I heard John McCain speak this morning on the news about the “sleazy, back door politics” of the Dems that are ramming this horrible healthcare bill through and how the American people don’t want it. Hmm… sleazy. What does that make me think of … Ehrlichman: “Edgar Kaiser is running his Permanente deal for profit. […]

A bit of perspective

This has been a very eventful couple of weeks. The health care debate seems to be like grandma on the respirator, but the discussion has quickly moved in recent days from health care to the level of discourse in our country. There have been several good pieces here that you should take a look at […]

Ann Coulter: Victim of ‘Hate Crime’

Ann Coulter has been touring Canadian Universitites and making speeches, usually filled with vitriol and racial slurs (but we’ll get to that part later).  University of Ottawa Academic Vice President and Provost Francois Houle sent Ann Coulter an e-mail this past Friday, reminding her of ‘the strong Canadian tradition of respect, restraint, and consideration’ before […]

Moving On

Now that health care reform, such as it is, has been signed, sealed, and set to be delivered in varying stages between now and 2014, can we please move on to other things. Believe it or not there are some significant storm clouds on the horizon which have the potential to come on shore sooner […]