Videos for your Halloween Viewing Pleasure

Good morning!  Please enjoy the following videos to get you in the mood for tonight’s Halloween shenanigans!

First, we play homage to the woman who inspired a billion dollar ‘slutty costumes’ industry.  Now any costume can be turned into an ensemble right off the pole thanks to none other than Elvira.  Enjoy the full movie, Count Dracula’s Great Love, as presented by Elvira in Elvira’s movie macabra:

With the latest trend in Zombie videos, I thought I’d remind you who did it best.  Enjoy this short clip of Michael Jackson’s thriller.


Happy Halloween.   Please drive safe and sober tonight. 


  1. Wilma says

    I don’t care how you feel about how Michael J. lived his life, the man could move and the man could sing… he was an awesome entertainer.
    I kept getting an error on Elvira. Sorry I missed it.

  2. Bobo Amerigo says

    Thanks for the thriller! Thriller dance lessons were offered at work. I signed up, but then got sent out of town. I was able to make only one class; my halloween dancing was not thrilling.
    However, my niece in Waco was married this halloween. Guests and wedding party came in costumes. Now that was great!

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