Welcome to the Daily Hurricane!

Welcome to the Daily Hurricane!  This website has been established to be a source of news and views about politics, energy, health, science, education, current affairs, as well as national and international news.  We are Houston based, so we also cover local politics, current affairs, and life in Hurricane Alley.   We are a group of […]

Speaking of Sarah

Speaking of former Governor Palin, this is the best synopsis that I’ve seen of the incoherent babbling she called a farewell speech. From Gawker: “It’s like Peggy Noonan, Jack London, and William Faulkner wandered into the woods with three buttons of peyote and one typewriter, and only this speech emerged. And she wrote this speech! […]

“Birthers” Hit The Big Time

The “birthers,” that formerly fringe element of the Republican Party who still question the citizenship of President Obama, are back in the news because of this video from a townhall meeting held by Congressman Mike Castle of Delaware. The disturbing part of this clip is not the lady waving her own birth certificate around and […]

Bachmann Too Wingnutty For The Wingnuts

Times are tough in Bachmann-land ladies and gentlemen, even fellow Republicans are asking the Minnesota Congresswoman to put a lid on her babbling about not properly filling out the Census form. “Three Republican members of the House subcommittee overseeing the 2010 census are asking a fellow Republican, Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, to back off […]