Remember This Number Republicans: 21

Here’s a number for the Republican Party to remember for future reference, 21. Twenty-one, that’s the percentage of Americans who identify themselves as Republicans according to the latest Washington Post poll, the lowest that figure has been in 26 years. Remember that number at the next meeting of the RNC, when you propose another stupid […]

A War Crime Worse Than Torture

Torture is a war crime, I don’t think there’s much debate about that. The Geneva Conventions say so, the United Nations Convention Against Torture says so. What constitutes torture, and whether or not waterboarding qualifies, may be debatable for some, but that’s not the topic for today. In my opinion, recent revelations have uncovered a […]

500 Years of Women in Art

I saw this video as part of a story about youTube today on CBS  Sunday Morning.  It is a fascinating mashup of hundreds of paintings over the last 500 years put together by Philip Scott Johnson.  I thought you might also enjoy it on this Sunday morning:

UPDATED: A Little Friday Afternoon Stones

UPDATED WITH A THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT: If you are a regular reader, you already know this has been a long week that started Monday with us losing our old 4 legged friend, Hank.  I’ve laid low for a few days and will be back into full swing next week blogging live from the […]

If We Sink to the Level of the Terrorists, Haven’t They Won?

There are a couple of articles in the news this morning that are bringing cries of ‘See, we told you so’ from the defenders of the so-called “enhanced interrogation techniques.” One is from CNS News, which says that the waterboarding of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed yielded information that prevented a terrorist attack on Los Angeles. The […]

Goodbye, Old Friend – Memories of Hank

Hank, 1996-2009 A few short years is all we have:One day we’ll have to part…But you my pet, will always haveA place within my heart. – Hope Marrington Molb He raised three little ones with endless patience. He was a Good Dog. UPDATE: A couple of memories from my boys: “…he’s the best 110 lb […]

Playing for Change – Peace Through Music

Last week, one of my readers (who disagrees with my political writings about 99% of the time) sent me probably one of the best music videos I’ve ever seen.  It was produced by Playing for Change, a foundation established to promote peace through music by connecting musicians from around the world and providing resources to […]

Prosecute The Torturers

To prosecute or not to prosecute, that is the question. With the release of the Justice Department memos last week detailing the so-called “enhanced interrogation techniques” (aka torture) used by the CIA, the debate has begun over what to do to those who were involved. I fully understand the desire of the administration to, as […]

GOP: Stop This Insanity Before It’s Too Late

Somebody in the Republican Party please put an end to this insanity before it’s too late. Let’s look at what has happened since January 20th: Congresswoman Michele Bachmann from Minnesota has said she wants the people of her state to be “armed and dangerous.” Former Senator Rick Santorum wrote in an opinion piece in the […]

Republican Hypocrisy On Government Spending

The Republican hypocrisy train rolls on. Today’s two shining examples are Sen. Saxby Chambliss of Georgia and House Minority Leader, Mr. Spray-On Tan himself, John Boehner of Ohio. The subject is whether or not government spending creates jobs. Here’s what Sen. Chambliss had to say in February about the economic stimulus package: “The majority in […]