More Knee-Jerk Republican Reaction

Speaking of knee-jerk Republican reaction to the election of Barack Obama, there’s this from the desk of Michael Reagan (bold letters, caps and underlines are Reagan’s, not mine): “Dear Conservative Friend, It’s official: America has its first truly Socialist president…   As bad as the election results were, I believe there IS “light at the […]

How Will President Obama Govern?

There was much written and said during the recent presidential campaign about the supposed “mystery” surrounding now President-elect Barack Obama. Senator McCain and Governor Palin, along with the Republican Party spokespersons and their allies on talk-radio, often raised the question, “Who is the real Barack Obama?” Their contention was that his thin record as a […]

For a Sunday – Jethro Tull 1970

Ian Anderson, founder of Jethro Tull, has been an inspiration since I first saw him perform in 1970.  The tour was Aqualung, where I first experienced his distinctive blend of Robert Burns, flute, parlor guitar, and renaissance style. Here is a video of My God I ran across from that tour.  Anderson’s raw talent is […]