McCain Fiddles While The Economy Burns

John McCain rode into Washington, D.C. on his white horse yesterday, after suspending (not really) his presidential campaign, and proceeded to sabotage negotiations which had produced a tentative agreement on a plan to rescue the crumbling financial markets. In an attempt to revive his sagging poll numbers by exerting leadership and looking presidential, McCain attended […]

McCain and Palin, Clueless and Cluelesser

When I first heard of Senator McCain’s decision yesterday to suspend his campaign, and his request to postpone Friday night’s debate with Barack Obama, I found it a bit curious. Here we are, 40 days out from the election, with multiple presidential debates and the vice-presidential debate all compressed into such a short time span, […]

Remember Issues? Straight Talk About The Deficit

Lost in all the media lunacy over pigs and lipstick were the economic projections released by the CBO this week. So instead of talking about the latest McCain campaign smear or repeating Sarah Palin’s lie about the Bridge to Nowhere for the 1,000th time, let’s discuss an actual issue, the economy. I know this election […]


I had to check my calendar yesterday to make sure the year is still 2008. From all that’s going on in the world of presidential politics, I would have sworn it was 1984, George Orwell’s 1984. Let me explain. The presidential candidate of the party that has held the White House for the last 8 […]

Palin’s Speech: Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing

Calm down Republicans, she’s only your VP nominee. With all the gushing praise and the glowing reviews after Sarah Palin’s speech at the Republican Convention last night, one would have thought she was the presidential nominee and not John McCain. Home run, amazing, brilliant, fantastic, the pundits proclaimed. What it was to me was a […]