Let’s Keep Our Eye on the Ball

The recent tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina has certainly created a number of different jumping off points for what appears to be a fairly straightforward event. Those on the right are tripping over themselves trying to call it anything but racism. The growing consensus among commentators on that side of the spectrum is that the […]

A Phony Choice

Sometime before the new year, Congress released its report on torture and the CIA. Charles Krauthammer wrote a column defending the CIA because “their methods had kept up safe.” I wrote a letter to the Chronicle pointing out that this point of view was rife with logical fallacies. At this point, it would make little […]

Doubling Down on Stupid

This past week, the Texas state Senate passed the Open Carry bill. According to the law, when it becomes official, citizens can legally open carry firearms into most public places. That would include (but not be limited to) churches, college campuses, and other public areas. Presumably, private businesses would retain the right to bar their […]

History Disappearing?

Recently, the Oklahoma state legislature continued a national assault on U.S. History. Yes, I’m sure that caught ¬†your attention. It really isn’t an assault on U.S. History per se. It is an assault on Advanced Placement U.S. History as the proposal would have them defund it. In plain English, that means that public schools in […]

We Need Serious Candidates

Echo chambers can be a good thing sometimes. Many people consider the Hurricane to be an echo chamber. Unfortunately, most of the voices have left the cave, so I don’t know how accurate that would be these days. However, the nature of the echo chamber was never more in full force than the various sites […]